Muffin vs Biscuit - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between muffin and biscuit

is that muffin is muffin (individual cake) while biscuit is (lb) a cookie.

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(en noun)
  • (British) a type of flattish bun, usually cut in two horizontally, toasted and spread with butter, etc, before being eaten
  • (US) A type of individual bread such as corn, bran, banana or zucchini bread often sliced and spread with butter, etc before being eaten.
  • (especially US) (informally) A cupcake without frosting, but sometimes glazed.
  • (computing) a mechanism used in the analogous to the cookie mechanism and which permits a program running in a browser to perform operations on a client machine
  • (slang) a term of endearment
  • (sexual slang) a vulva
  • (baseball, slang) a less talented player; one who muffs, or drops the ball
  • (slang) a charming, attractive young man
  • Quotations

    computing term * 2001': The name/value pairs provided by the PersistenceService are similar to browser cookies. The Java Web Start implementation honors this legacy by naming the pairs "'''muffins ." — ''JNLP and Java Web Start , Sun Developer Network, Technical Articles and Tips, 30 May 2001. the vulva * 1989': I wanna be stuffin’ Martha’s '''muffin !!!, — Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper ''Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin .


    * (flattish bun''): English muffin (''US )

    Derived terms

    * English muffin * muffin cap * muffin top * muffin-warm * muffiny * stud muffin



    (en noun)
  • (lb) A cookie .
  • (UK) A cracker.
  • cheese and biscuits
  • (chiefly, North America) A small bread usually made with baking soda, similar in texture to a scone, but usually not sweet.
  • A form of unglazed earthenware.
  • *
  • (nautical) The "bread" formerly supplied to naval ships, which was made with very little water, kneaded into flat cakes and slowly baked, and which often became infested with weevils.
  • A light brown colour.
  • (woodworking) A thin oval wafer of wood or other material inserted into mating slots on pieces of material to be joined to provide gluing surface and strength in shear.
  • Usage notes

    * In British usage, a (term) is distinct from a (term); the former is generally hard but becomes soft when stale, whereas the latter is generally soft but becomes hard when stale.

    Coordinate terms

    * (woodworking) dowel, glue strip, spline, finger joint

    Derived terms

    * Anzac biscuit * bickie * biscotto * biscuit firing * biscuit ware * bisque * bite the biscuit * digestive biscuit * dog biscuit * ratafia biscuit * sea biscuit * ship biscuit * soda biscuit * take the biscuit * water biscuit

    See also

    * cookie * cracknel * hardtack * macaroon * pilot bread * soda cracker * English words with different meanings in different locations ----