Double vs Bifold - What's the difference?

double | bifold |

As a noun double

is .

As an adjective bifold is

twofold, double.




  • Made up of two matching or complementary elements.
  • :
  • *
  • *:“[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2013-08-10, volume=408, issue=8848, magazine=(The Economist), author=Lexington
  • , title= Keeping the mighty honest , passage=The [Washington] Post's proprietor through those turbulent [Watergate] days, Katharine Graham, held a double place in Washington’s hierarchy: at once regal Georgetown hostess and scrappy newshound, ready to hold the establishment to account.}}
  • Twice the quantity.
  • :
  • Of a family relationship, related on both the maternal and paternal sides of a family.
  • :
  • Designed for two users.
  • :
  • Folded in two; composed of two layers.
  • Stooping; bent over.
  • Having two aspects; ambiguous.
  • :
  • False, deceitful, or hypocritical.
  • :
  • Of flowers, having more than the normal number of petals.
  • (lb) Of an instrument, sounding an octave lower.
  • :
  • (lb) Of time, twice as fast.
  • Derived terms

    * double-cross/doublecross * double agent * double bed * double cousin * double date/double-date * double double * double Dutch * double entendre * double exposure * double fault * doublehearted * double life * double meaning * double negative * double strength * double take * double-team * double tongue * double-tongued * double U * double vision

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  • Twice over; twofold.
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • I was double their age.
  • Two together; two at a time. (especially in see double)
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • Twice the number, amount, size, etc.
  • A person who resembles and stands in for another person, often for safety purposes
  • Saddam Hussein was rumored to have many doubles .
  • A drink with two portions of alcohol
  • On second thought, make that a double .
  • A ghostly apparition of a living person; .
  • A sharp turn, especially a return on one's own tracks.
  • A redundant item for which an identical item already exists
  • :I have more than 200 stamps in my collection but they're not all unique: some are doubles .
  • :Before printing the photos, Liam deleted the doubles .
  • (baseball) A two-base hit
  • The catcher hit a double to lead off the ninth.
  • (bridge) A call that increases certain scoring points if the last preceding bid becomes the contract.
  • (billiards) A strike in which the object ball is struck so as to make it rebound against the cushion to an opposite pocket.
  • A bet on two horses in different races in which any winnings from the first race are placed on the horse in the later race.
  • (darts) The narrow outermost ring on a dartboard.
  • (darts) A hit on this ring.
  • (dominoes) A tile that has the same value (i.e., the same number of pips) in both sides.
  • (computing, programming) A double-precision floating-point number.
  • The sin() function returns a double.
  • (soccer) Two competitions, usually one league and one cup, won by the same team in a single season.
  • (sports) The feat of scoring twice in one game.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2010 , date=December 28 , author=Owen Phillips , title=Sunderland 0 - 2 Blackpool , work=BBC citation , page= , passage=DJ Campbell grabbed a second-half double as Blackpool made Sunderland pay for a host of missed chances to secure a fifth away league win of the season.}}
  • (historical) A former French coin worth one-sixth of a sou.
  • (historical, Guernsey) A copper coin worth one-eighth of a penny.
  • * 1974 , (GB Edwards), The Book of Ebenezer Le Page , New York 2007, p. 196:
  • As for doubles , they are not worth anything now; and I have still got an egg-cupful my mother used to keep handy to give the baker change from a farthing.
  • (music) Playing the same part on two instruments, alternately.
  • Derived terms

    * body double * double-count * see double * stunt double


  • To multiply by two.
  • The company doubled their earnings per share over last quarter.
  • To fold over so as to make two folds.
  • To make a pleat, double the material at the waist.
  • To be the double of; to exceed by twofold; to contain or be worth twice as much as.
  • * Dryden
  • Thus reinforced, against the adverse fleet, / Still doubling ours, brave Rupert leads the way.
  • To increase by 100%, to become twice as large in size.
  • Our earnings have doubled in the last year.
  • (baseball) To get a two-base hit.
  • The batter doubled into the corner.
  • (sometimes followed by up ) To clench (a fist).
  • (often followed by together'' or ''up ) To join or couple.
  • To repeat exactly; copy.
  • To play a second part or serve a second role.
  • A spork is a kind of fork that doubles as a spoon.
  • To turn sharply; following a winding course.
  • (nautical) To sail around (a headland or other point).
  • * Knolles
  • Sailing along the coast, he doubled the promontory of Carthage.
  • * 1719 ,
  • I found a great ledge of rocks lie out about two leagues into the that I was obliged to go a great way out to sea to double the point.
  • (music) To duplicate (a part) either in unison or at the octave above or below it.
  • To be capable of performing (upon an additional instrument).
  • (bridge) To make a call that will double certain scoring points if the preceding bid becomes the contract.
  • To double down.
  • (billiards, snooker, pool) To cause (a ball) to rebound from a cushion before entering the pocket.
  • (followed by for ) To act as substitute.
  • To go or march at twice the normal speed.
  • * 1919 ,
  • "You double down to the harbour, my lad," said the Captain to Strickland, "and sign on. You've got your papers."
    Strickland set off at once, and that was the last Captain Nichols saw of him.
  • To multiply the strength or effect of by two.
  • Sorry, this store does not double coupons.
  • (military) To unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one from each two.
  • (radio, informal, of a station) To transmit simultaneously on the same channel as another station, either unintentionally or deliberately, causing interference.
  • Could you please repeat your last transmission? Another station was doubling with you.

    Derived terms

    * double down * double over * doubler * double up

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  • twofold, double