Befold vs Bifold - What's the difference?

befold | bifold |

As a verb befold

is to fold up; fold around; wrap up; envelop.

As an adjective bifold is

twofold, double.




  • To fold up; fold around; wrap up; envelop.
  • *1974 , Harrisene Jackson, There's nothing I own that I want :
  • And when I rant and rave and raise hell about the power structure and about slaverytood, and nigratood, and nigraism, and everything else that befolds me being a black woman every day, I still love people.
  • *2002 , Simon Monbaron, How to Develop Peace in the World :
  • So, brothers and sisters that is God's law and God's punishment that befolds a person who during their life does not acknowledge or feels the greatness of God and God's reality.
  • *2008 , George D. Shorten, The Low Bed of a Faller :
  • Abo sits befolded up Shadeside of a namma hole [...]




  • twofold, double