Confusedly vs Bewilderedly - What's the difference?

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Confusedly is a synonym of bewilderedly.

As adverbs the difference between confusedly and bewilderedly

is that confusedly is in a confused manner while bewilderedly is in a bewildered manner; with puzzlement.




(en adverb)
  • In a confused manner.
  • bewilderedly



    (en adverb)
  • In a bewildered manner; with puzzlement.
  • * 1888 , , "The Mystery of Wilhelm Rütte" in Between Whiles :
  • Carlen was crying bitterly; the letter was just ended, when Alf came into the room asking bewilderedly what it was all about.
  • * 1917 , , Starr, of the Desert , ch. 2:
  • He said good night and left her wondering bewilderedly what strange thing her dad would do next.
  • * 1944 Dec. 25, " America: Pattern of Revolution," Time :
  • But Lend-Lease generosity made Franklin Roosevelt so popular with the dictators that, when Wendell Willkie ran against him, a nephew of Carias Andino asked bewilderedly : "Why doesn't Roosevelt have him shot?"
  • * 2010 May 19, Ruth La Ferla, " Where God and the Devil Once Lived," New York Times (retrieved 30 July 2011):
  • Once, this neo-Gothic landmark in Chelsea was the Church of the Holy Communion. . . . A decade later, it was Limelight, the nightclub-slash-den of depravity. . . . Today that fabled nightclub is a mall. . . . Entering by a side door, one young woman patently ignorant of the place’s tainted past, glanced around bewilderedly . “I thought that this was a house of God,” she murmured.


    * confusedly