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As an adjective bendiest

is (bendy).

As a noun bendies is


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  • (bendy)

  • bendy



  • Having the ability to be bent easily.
  • Bendy rulers are far more fun than the wooden ones.
  • (informal) Of a person, flexible; having the ability to bend easily.
  • {{quote-web
    , date=20100901 , year= , first= , last= , author=Jackie K. Cooper , authorlink= , title=Ashley Bell: The Last Exorcism' Introduces the "Bendy" Girl , site=Huffington Post citation , archiveorg= , accessdate=2013-05-09 , passage=When I was in the scene in the barn he encouraged me to do as many contortions as I could, and he seemed to like the fact I was so 'bendy'.' … After all how many young actresses in Hollywood are "' bendy "? }}
  • Containing many bends and twists.
  • a bendy road
  • Of a vehicle, articulated.
  • {{quote-web
    , date=20090131 , year= , first= , last= , author=Deal Book , authorlink= , title=Defining Good or Bad Design , site=NYT citation , archiveorg= , accessdate=2013-05-09 , passage=“The bendy bus is very easy to get on to and can carry twice as many passengers and more people can sit down,” Ms. Cottam said. }}
  • (heraldry) Divided into diagonal bands of colour
  • Synonyms

    * (having the ability to be bent easily ): flexible, pliable, supple * (of a person''): flexible, limber, lissom ''or lissome, lithe, supple * (having many bends and twists ): sinuous, tortuous, twisted, twisty, winding, windy * (articulated ): articulated, jointed

    Derived terms

    * bendiness


  • (heraldry) A field divided diagonally into several bends, varying in metal and colour.
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