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As verbs the difference between surround and begird

is that surround is (label) to encircle something or simultaneously extend in all directions while begird is to bind with a band or girdle.

As a noun surround

is (british) anything, such as a fence or border, that surrounds something.

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(en verb)
  • (label) To encircle something or simultaneously extend in all directions.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1944, author=(w)
  • , title= The Three Corpse Trick, chapter=5 , passage=The hovel stood in the centre of what had once been a vegetable garden, but was now a patch of rank weeds. Surrounding this, almost like a zareba, was an irregular ring of gorse and brambles, an unclaimed vestige of the original common.}}
  • *{{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham)
  • , title=(The China Governess) , chapter=3 citation , passage=Sepia Delft tiles surrounded the fireplace, their crudely drawn Biblical scenes in faded cyclamen blending with the pinkish pine, while above them, instead of a mantelshelf, there was an archway high enough to form a balcony with slender balusters and a tapestry-hung wall behind.}}
  • * 2005 , (Plato), Sophist . Translation by Lesley Brown. .
  • and this way they get rid of those grand and stubborn opinions that surround them.
  • (label) To enclose or confine something on all sides so as to prevent escape.
  • To pass around; to travel about; to circumnavigate.
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    (en noun)
  • (British) Anything, such as a fence or border, that surrounds something.
  • * 1972 , 670-52042-x, chapter 15, page 283:
  • He drifted through the room, avoiding the furniture by instinct, closed the door that led to the passage, and only then flicked on his flashlight.
    It swept around the room, picking out a desk, a telephone, a wall of bookshelves, and a deep armchair, and finally settled on a handsome fireplace with a large surround of red brick.

    Derived terms

    * surround sound




    (en verb)
  • To bind with a band or girdle.
  • To encircle, surround, as with a gird; inclose; encompass.
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