Filthy vs Bedraggled - What's the difference?

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Filthy is a related term of bedraggled.

As adjectives the difference between filthy and bedraggled

is that filthy is covered with filth; very dirty while bedraggled is wet and limp; unkempt.

As a verb bedraggled is




(wikipedia filthy)


  • Covered with filth; very dirty.
  • Obscene or offensive.
  • Very unpleasant or disagreeable.
  • Antonyms

    * (covered with filth ): pristine * (obscene ): holy, venerable


    * (covered with filth ): sleazy, slimy, grimy * (obscene ): gruesome

    Derived terms

    * filthy rich * filthily


    * (obscene'') 1987:''' “'''Filthy smirking Pat Robertson has come in second in the Iowa Republican caucuses.” -''Final Diary , Michael Grumley




    (en adjective)
  • wet and limp; unkempt
  • decaying, decrepit or dilapidated
  • * 1919 , (Saki), The Toys of Peace and Other Papers
  • She is only coming to gloat over my bedraggled and flowerless borders and to sing the praises of her own detestably over-cultivated garden. I’m sick of being told that it’s the envy of the neighbourhood; it’s like everything else that belongs to her—her car, her dinner-parties, even her headaches, they are all superlative; no one else ever had anything like them.

    Derived terms

    * bedraggledly * bedraggledness


  • (bedraggle)