Clad vs Becardiganed - What's the difference?

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Clad is a hypernym of becardiganed.

As a verb clad

is to clothe.

As an adjective becardiganed is

wearing a cardigan.




  • To clothe.
  • The horse was clad with its best blanket.
  • * 1918 , (Edgar Rice Burroughs), Chapter VIII
  • But what interested me most was the slender figure of a dainty girl, clad only in a thin bit of muslin which scarce covered her knees--a bit of muslin torn and ragged about the lower hem.
  • To cover with insulation.
  • (clad)
  • (archaic) (clothe)
  • becardiganed



  • Wearing a cardigan
  • * {{quote-news, year=2004, date=January 30, author=Bob Mehr, title=Navel-Gazing Nation, work=Chicago Reader citation
  • , passage=While Carrabba doesn't fit the stereotype of the bespectacled, becardiganed emo boy--he looks rather like a rockabilly refugee--his personal history reflects that of his fans. }}


    * besweatered * clad, clothed