Sorghum vs Barely - What's the difference?

sorghum | barely |

As a proper noun sorghum

is .

As an adverb barely is

(degree) by a small margin.



  • A cereal, or Sorghum bicolor , the grains of which are used to make flour and as cattle feed.
  • * 1936', Harry Nelson Vinall, Joseph Charlworth Stephens, John Holmes Martin, ''Identification, History, and Distribution of Common '''Sorghum Varieties , US Department of Agriculture, Technical Bulletin No. 506, page 2,
  • The sorghum crop has four uses — forage, grain, sirup, and industrial (such as the manufacture of brooms, wallboard, etc.).
  • * 1978 , US Department of Agriculture, Watch out for witchweed, a serious pest of corn, sorghum, and other crops , Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Program Number 1212, unnumbered page,
  • Witchweed (Striga spp. ) is a parasitic plant that attacks corn, sorghum , sugarcane, rice, and more than 60 different species of the grass family.
  • * 2008 , Lamissa Diakité, Amadou Sidibé, Melinda Smale, Mikkel Grum, Seed Value Chains for Sorghum and Millet in Mali: A State-based System in Transition , International Food Policy Research Institute, Discussion Paper 00749, page 2,
  • Archaeological evidence suggests that economies based on cattle, goats, sorghum , and pearl millet were established in this region between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago (Smith 1998).


    * (cereal) guinea corn (West Africa); Kafir corn (South Africa); mtama (East Africa); durra (Sudan); juar, jowar, cholam (India); kaoliang (China); milo (United States)

    Derived terms

    * sorghum midge




  • (degree) By a small margin.
  • * 1748 , , Oxford University Press (1973), section 8:
  • It becomes, therefore, no inconsiderable part of science barely to know the different operations of mind,
  • * 1925 , Walter Anthony and Tom Reed (titles), Rupert Julian (director), The Phantom of the Opera , silent movie
  • ‘It is barely possible you may hear of a ghost, a Phantom of the Opera!’
  • (degree) Almost not at all.
  • The plane is so far away now I can barely see it.
    Yes, it is barely visible.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2011
  • , date=October 23 , author=Phil McNulty , title=Man Utd 1 - 6 Man City , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=In contrast to what was to come, City were barely allowed any time to settle on the ball in the opening exchanges, with Ashley Young prominent and drawing heavy fouls from Micah Richards and James Milner.}}
  • (archaic) merely.
  • * 1661 , , page 29,
  • Now that fire do's not alwayes barely separate the Elementary parts, but sometimes at least alter also the Ingredients of Bodies

    Usage notes

    It is grammatically a negative word. It therefore collocates with ever rather than never. * Compare You can find barely ever used items on eBay.'' with ''You can almost never find used items on eBay.


    * (degree) hardly, scarcely * hardly, just, only just, scarcely