Heathenish vs Barbarous - What's the difference?

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Heathenish is a related term of barbarous.

As adjectives the difference between heathenish and barbarous

is that heathenish is sort-of or somewhat like a heathen while barbarous is not classical or pure.




(en adjective)
  • Sort-of or somewhat like a heathen.
  • barbarous


    Alternative forms

    * (obsolete) barbarouse


    (en adjective)
  • Not classical or pure.
  • uncivilized, uncultured
  • Like a barbarian, especially in sound; noisy, dissonant.
  • I did but prompt the age to quit their cloggs
    By the known rules of antient libertie,
    When strait a barbarous noise environs me
    Of Owles and Cuckoes, Asses, Apes and Doggs - (1673)

    Derived terms

    * barbarously * barbarousness