Banter vs Badinage - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between banter and badinage

is that banter is good humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation while badinage is playful raillery; banter.

As verbs the difference between banter and badinage

is that banter is to engage in banter or playful conversation while badinage is to engage in or playful banter.




  • Good-humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation.
  • It seemed like I'd have to listen to her playful banter for hours.


    (en verb)
  • To engage in banter or playful conversation.
  • To play or do something amusing.
  • To tease (someone) mildly.
  • * Washington Irving
  • Hag-ridden by my own fancy all night, and then bantered on my haggard looks the next day.
  • * Charlotte Brontë
  • Mr. Sweeting was bantered about his stature—he was a little man, a mere boy in height and breadth compared with the athletic Malone
  • To joke about; to ridicule (a trait, habit, etc.).
  • * Chatham
  • If they banter' your regularity, order, and love of study, ' banter in return their neglect of them.
  • To delude or trick; to play a prank upon.
  • * Daniel De Foe
  • We diverted ourselves with bantering several poor scholars with hopes of being at least his lordship's chaplain.
  • (transitive, US, Southern and Western, colloquial) To challenge to a match.
  • Synonyms

    * (tease) kid, wind up

    Derived terms

    * (l)







  • Playful raillery; banter.
  • * 1994 , Lawrence G. DiTillio, Babylon 5 , "(Spider in the Web)", 13m 19s
  • [Talia:] You'll forgive me if I'm not in the mood for your usual badinage .
  • * 2005 , The Times (London), October 31
  • "No, this was more a night of bellowed barbed badinage , boisterous BS, outrageous declamations and defiant roars."


  • To engage in or playful banter.