Bag vs Bags - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between bag and bags

is that bag is a flexible container made of cloth, paper, plastic, etc while bags is .

As verbs the difference between bag and bags

is that bag is to put into a bag while bags is (australia|new zealand) to reserve for oneself or bags can be (bag).



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(en noun)
  • A flexible container made of cloth, paper, plastic, etc.
  • (label) A handbag
  • A suitcase.
  • A schoolbag, especially a backpack.
  • One’s preference.
  • (label) An ugly woman.
  • (label) The cloth-covered pillow used for first, second, and third base.
  • (label) First, second, or third base.
  • (label) A breathalyzer, so named because it formerly had a plastic bag over the end to measure a set amount of breath.
  • (label) A collection of objects, disregarding order, but (unlike a set) in which elements may be repeated.
  • A sac in animal bodies, containing some fluid or other substance.
  • A sort of silken purse formerly tied about men's hair behind, by way of ornament.
  • The quantity of game bagged in a hunt.
  • A scrotum.
  • (label) A unit of measure of cement equal to 94 pounds.
  • Synonyms

    * (flexible container) poke (obsolete), sack, tote * (handbag) handbag, purse (US) * (preference) cup of tea, thing * (ugly woman) dog, hag * (in mathematics) multiset


    * (flexible container) bindle


  • To put into a bag.
  • To catch or kill, especially when fishing or hunting.
  • To gain possession of something, or to make first claim on something.
  • (label) To furnish or load with a bag.
  • * Dryden
  • To bring a woman one met on the street with one.
  • To laugh uncontrollably.
  • To criticise sarcastically.
  • (label) To provide artificial ventilation with a bag valve mask (BVM) resuscitator.
  • To swell or hang down like a full bag.
  • To swell with arrogance.
  • (Chaucer)
  • To become pregnant.
  • Derived terms

    {{der3, airbag, air bag , bagboy , baggage , bagger , baggy , bag lady , bag lunch , bag of bones , bag of tricks , bag snatcher , beanbag , binbag , carrier bag , clutch bag , dilly bag , dime bag , doggy bag , double bagger , douche bag , dumb as a bag of hammers , face like a bag of spanners , handbag , gladstone bag , goody bag, goodie bag , grab bag , holdall, carryall, tote, tote bag , in the bag , kitbag , let the cat out of the bag , mixed bag , moneybag , overnight bag , paper bag , plastic bag , schoolbag , shopping bag , shoulder bag , sickbag , sleeping bag , teabag , toolbag , windbag}}


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    Etymology 1


    Alternative forms

    * baggs


  • (Australia, New Zealand) To reserve for oneself.
  • * 2006 , Jill Golden, Inventing Beatrice , page 81,
  • So you were thrilled, and we picked out the mare for Harriet, and you bagsed the black, and I had the chestnut, and we all rode away one day.
  • * 2007 , Debra Oswald. Getting Air , page 66,
  • Mum bagsed being the priestess who got to dangle Stone over the volcano by his ankles.
  • * 2008 , Kate Dellar-Evans, Best of Friends: The First Thirty Years of the Friendly Street Poets , page 13,
  • Battered armchairs and a sofa were bagsed first; they were more comfortable than the school chairs that could get hard.
  • * 2009 , J. Lodge, Black Mail , page 316,
  • ‘Hey, it?s my turn in the front,’ Kalista called as she realised her brother had bagsed the front seat.
    * (US) have dibs on

    Etymology 2

    From bag .


  • (uncountable) Eye circles.
  • Verb

  • (bag)
  • Anagrams

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