Pragmatic vs Awesomenessness - What's the difference?

pragmatic | awesomenessness |

As an adjective pragmatic

is practical, concerned with making decisions and actions that are useful in practice, not just theory.

As a noun awesomenessness is

(emphatic|nonce word|rare|nonstandard) awesomeness.



Alternative forms

* pragmatick (archaic) * pragmatique (obsolete)


(en adjective)
  • Practical, concerned with making decisions and actions that are useful in practice, not just theory.
  • * The sturdy furniture in the student lounge was pragmatic , but unattractive.
  • *
  • Nor indeed are these restrictions pragmatic'' in nature: i.e. the ill-formedness of the ''heed''-sentences in (60) is entirely different in kind from the oddity of sentences like:
    (61)      !That man will eat any car which thinks he?s stupid
    which is purely ''pragmatic
    (i.e. lies in the fact that (61) describes the kind of bizarre situation which just doesn?t happen in the world we are familiar with, where cars don?t think, and people don?t eat cars).
  • philosophical; dealing with causes, reasons, and effects, rather than with details and circumstances; said of literature.
  • * Sir W. Hamilton
  • Pragmatic history.
  • * M. Arnold
  • Pragmatic poetry.


    * (practical) down-to-earth, functional, practical, utilitarian, realistic


    * idealistic

    Derived terms

    * pragma * pragmatically * pragmaticism * pragmatics




  • (emphatic, nonce word, rare, nonstandard) awesomeness
  • * 2006 : “ [email protected]]”, [ The Pepper Cascade (Google group)]: [ Swimming
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  • * 2006 : “ CharlaX]”, [ Gmail Help Discussion (Google group)]: [ CHat(caht)
  • >.when ewe type him in the chat box his wings wiggle awesomenessness
  • * 2007': “ Shantell Hoskin]”, ''[ Chocolate 4 Life (Google group)]: [ '''awesomenessness !!!! (thread title)
  • awesomenessness !!!!

    Usage notes

    * (term) carries no additional semantic information compared with its antecedent awesomeness. Forms having been triply] and [ quadruply suffixed with also see occasional use; in pragmatic terms, this is equivalent to appending a long chain of exclamation marks after a statement to lend it emphatic force.