Crepuscule vs Aurora - What's the difference?

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As a noun crepuscule

is twilight, dusk (the time of the day when the sun sets).

As a proper noun aurora is

(roman god) roman goddess of the dawn; equivalent of the greek eos sister of luna and sol.



Alternative forms

* crepuscle


(en noun)
  • Twilight.
  • * 1969 , Vladimir Nabokov, Ada or Ardor , Penguin 2011, p. 54:
  • Van watched them with the same pleasurable awe he had experienced as a child, when, lost in the purple crepuscule of an Italian hotel garden, in an alley of cypresses, he supposed they were golden ghouls or the passing fancies of the garden.

    Derived terms

    * crepuscular

    See also

    * smokefall * crepusculum




  • An atmospheric phenomenon created by charged particles from the sun striking the upper atmosphere, creating coloured lights in the sky. It is usually named australis or borealis based on whether it is in the southern or northern hemispheres respectively.
  • Synonyms

    * polar light

    Derived terms

    * aurora australis * aurora borealis * auroral * aurorean