Astonishment vs Amazement - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between astonishment and amazement

is that astonishment is amazement, great surprise while amazement is (uncountable) the condition of being amazed; overwhelming wonder, as from surprise, sudden fear, horror, or admiration; astonishment.

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  • amazement, great surprise
  • An amazing thing or phenomenon.
  • * 1964:
  • Everything he had seen so far--the great chocolate river, the waterfall, the huge sucking pipes, the candy meadows, the Oompa-Loompas, the beautiful pink boat, and most of all, Mr. Willy Wonka himself--had been so astonishing that he began to wonder whether there could possibly be anymore astonishments left.




  • (uncountable) The condition of being amazed; overwhelming wonder, as from surprise, sudden fear, horror, or admiration; astonishment.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham), title=(The China Governess)
  • , chapter=9 citation , passage=Eustace gaped at him in amazement . When his urbanity dropped away from him, as now, he had an innocence of expression which was almost infantile. It was as if the world had never touched him at all.}}
  • (countable, archaic) A particular feeling of wonder, surprise, fear, or horror.
  • * 1682 , , The fiery tryal no strange thing , Samuel Sewell, Boston, p. 16,
  • Were believers thoroughly persuaded of what God meaneth, by these things, they would not be so liable to those frights and amazements which distract and disturb them.
  • * 1791 , "Character of the faithful Man," in Aphorisms concerning the Assurance of Faith , W. Young, Philadelphia, p. 60,
  • In the midst of ill rumours and amazements , his countenance changeth not.
  • * 1853 , , Villette , ch. 41,
  • Certain points, crises, certain feelings, joys, griefs and amazements , when reviewed, must strike us as things wildered and whirling.
  • (countable, dated) Something which amazes.
  • * 1913 , , The Valley of the Moon , ch. 21,
  • So impossible did it seem that such an amazement of horse-flesh could ever be hers.
  • * 1918 , , "The Urchin at the Zoo," in Mince Pie ,
  • I believe the Urchin showed more enthusiasm over the stone and the robin than over any of the amazements that succeeded them.
  • (obsolete) Madness, frenzy.
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