Assassination vs Homicide - What's the difference?

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Assassination is a synonym of homicide.

As nouns the difference between assassination and homicide

is that assassination is killing or murder for political reasons while homicide is (uncountable) the killing of one person by another, whether premeditated or unintentional.



(en noun)
  • killing or murder for political reasons
  • The assassination of the king occurred at night.

    See also

    * targeted killing




    (wikipedia homicide) (en noun)
  • (uncountable) The killing of one person by another, whether premeditated or unintentional.
  • (countable) A person who kills another.
  • (countable, US, police jargon) A victim of homicide; a person who has been unlawfully killed by someone else.
  • * 1996 , A J Holt, Watch Me []:
  • “She was a hippie kid. How hard would you work a case like that?”
    “As hard as anyone else,” said Goddard. There was an irritated note in his voice. “She was a homicide'. She got what every ' homicide investigation gets.”
  • * 2003 , Ellen Perry Berkeley, Keith's People (ISBN 1930859449), page 58:
  • We don't even know the woman was a homicide . Didn't they say it was possible they both jumped?
  • * 2004 , Jon Talton, Dry Heat (ISBN 0312333854), page 40:
  • The medical examiner was behind on autopsies and cranky, so we didn't even know if the old guy in the pool was a homicide .


    * (unlawful killing of a person by another) assassination, killing, first-degree murder (US; intentional''), manslaughter (''unintentional''), murder (''intentional''), second-degree murder (''US; unintentional ) * (person who unlawfully kills another person) assassin, killer, man-slayer, murderer * (victim of homicide) murder victim

    Derived terms

    * homicidal * culpable homicide

    See also

    * filicide * familicide * feticide * fratricide * genocide * infanticide * mariticide * matricide * parricide * patricide * populicide * prolicide * regicide * sororicide * suicide * unlawful death * uxoricide ----