Arch vs Flyer - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between arch and flyer

is that arch is (senseid)an inverted u shape or arch can be (obsolete) a chief while flyer is a machine that flies.

As verbs the difference between arch and flyer

is that arch is to form into an arch shape while flyer is to distribute flyers (leaflets).

As a adjective arch

is (senseid) knowing, clever, mischievous.



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Etymology 1

From (etyl), from (etyl) .


  • (senseid)An inverted U shape.
  • An arch-shaped arrangement of trapezoidal stones, designed to redistribute downward force outward.
  • (senseid)(architecture) An architectural element having the shape of an arch
  • Any place covered by an arch; an archway.
  • to pass into the arch of a bridge
  • (archaic, geometry) An arc; a part of a curve.
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  • To form into an arch shape
  • The cat arched its back
  • To cover with an arch or arches.
  • Etymology 2

    From the prefix . "Principal" is the original sense; "mischievous" is via onetime frequent collocation with rogue, knave, etc.


  • (senseid) Knowing, clever, mischievous.
  • I attempted to hide my emotions, but an arch remark escaped my lips.
  • * Tatler
  • [He] spoke his request with so arch a leer.
  • * 1906 , O. Henry,
  • A certain melancholy that touched her countenance must have been of recent birth, for it had not yet altered the fine and youthful contours of her cheek, nor subdued the arch though resolute curve of her lips.
  • *
  • Lassiter ended there with dry humor, yet behind that was meaning. Jane blushed and made arch eyes at him.
  • Principal; primary.
  • * Shakespeare
  • the most arch act of piteous massacre
    Derived terms
    * (l)


  • (obsolete) A chief.
  • * Shakespeare
  • My worthy arch and patron comes to-night.


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    Alternative forms

    * flier


    (en noun)
  • A machine that flies.
  • Someone who pilots or rides in an airplane.
  • A leaflet, often for advertising.
  • The part of a spinning machine that twists the thread as it takes it to, and winds it on the bobbin
  • (architecture) An arch that connects a flying buttress into the structure it supports.
  • (cheerleading) A cheerleader who is airborne for a stunt.
  • (firearms) a stray shot away from the group on a target.
  • A standard rectangular step of a staircase (as opposed to a winder).
  • A female kangaroo; a roo; a doe; a jill.
  • A leap or jump.
  • A risky investment or other venture.
  • Synonyms

    * (pilot) aviator, aviatrix

    Derived terms

    * take a flyer


    (en verb)
  • To distribute flyers (leaflets).
  • To distribute flyers in (a location) or to (recipients).
  • See also

    * advertisement * booklet * brochure * catalogue, catalog * circular * handbill * junk mail * leaflet * pamphlet