Aptronym vs Aptonym - What's the difference?

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Aptonym is a synonym of aptronym.

Aptronym is a synonym of aptonym.

As nouns the difference between aptronym and aptonym

is that aptronym is a name that is aptly suited to its owner while aptonym is a proper name that aptly describes the occupation or character of the person, especially by coincidence.

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(en noun)
  • A name that is aptly suited to its owner.
  • * and Héliane Ventura, editors, Image et Récit , , ISBN 2878540530, page 82 [http://google.com/books?id=yKi_z2XYb00C&pg=PA82&dq=aptronym]:
  • Speck also turns out to be a shopkeeper whose small-town mentality finds a reflection in his aptronym : "Speck" in German meaning bacon, he is the local butcher concerned with selling his merchandise regardless of its real quality.
  • * 2000 , Lorna Fitzsimmons, “Of ‘Broken Wall, the Burning Roof and Tower’: Gyno-Turning in Limit Up'' and Svankmajer’s ''Faust''”, chapter 12 of Wendy Everett (editor), ''The Seeing Century: Film, Vision and Identity , Rodopi, ISBN 978-90-420-1494-7, page 149:
  • This contradiction is condensed within the aptronym Casey Falls: her first name recalls Jim Casy, the preacher who is sacrificed helping migrant workers in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath , while her surname evokes Eve and the Fall.
  • * Peter Cosgrove, "History and Utopia in Ormond''", in, 2004, Heidi Kaufman and Chris Fauske, editors, ''An Uncomfortable Authority: Maria Edgeworth and Her Contexts , , ISBN 0874138787 page 77 [http://google.com/books?id=HL0MH3x0ODUC&pg=PA77&dq=aptronym]:
  • The latter after marrying Sir Ulick's steward becomes Mrs. M'Crule, an aptronym expressing her excessive bigotry in preventing the Catholic boy, Tommy Dunshaughlin, from attending a charity school.


    * (sense, personal name appropriate to one's character or trade) euonym, aptonym, charactonym

    Derived terms

    * aptronymic

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    * ("aptronym" on Wikipedia) * (Nominative determinism)






    (en noun)
  • A proper name that aptly describes the occupation or character of the person, especially by coincidence.
  • *
  • * {{quote-book, title=Serial monogamy: soap opera, lifespan, and the gendered politics of fantasy, page=96,
  • books.google.com/books?isbn=1572735554, author=Christine Scodari, year=2004, passage=New aptonyms appeared for both Matt and Donna at this juncture — "DoorMatt" and "Donnasaur."}}
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  • Synonyms

    * (apt name) aptronym, attributive name, characterizing name, character-revealing name, charactonym, characternym, label name, ticket name, type name

    Derived terms

    * aptonymy * aptonymous