Advanced vs Apt - What's the difference?

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Advanced is a related term of apt.

As a verb advanced

is (advance).

As an adjective advanced

is (senseid)at or close to the state of the art.

As a noun apt is


As a proper noun apt is





  • (advance)
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • (senseid)At or close to the state of the art.
  • Enhanced.
  • Having moved forward in time or space (e.g. advanced ignition timing).
  • * Hawthorne
  • a gentleman advanced in years, with a hard experience written in his wrinkles
  • In a late stage of development; greatly developed beyond an initial stage.
  • (phonetics) Pronounced farther to the front of the vocal tract.
  • Synonyms

    * progressive, professional, sophisticated

    Derived terms

    * advanced degree * advanced green

    See also

    * cutting edge * groundbreaking




  • Suitable; appropriate; fit or fitted; suited.
  • Tonight there’s a full moon, which is apt , since the election night will bring out the lunatics.
  • * (Jeremy Taylor) (1613–1677)
  • a river apt to be forded by a lamb
  • (of persons or things) Having a habitual tendency; habitually liable or likely; disposed towards.
  • * (1628–1699)
  • My vines and peacheswere apt to have a soot or smuttiness upon their leaves and fruit.
  • * (1834-1913)
  • This tree, if unprotected, is apt to be stripped of its leaves by a leaf-cutting ant.
  • * (Fairfax Harrison) (1869-1938)
  • that lofty pity with which prosperous folk are apt to remember their grandfathers
  • Ready]]; especially fitted or [[qualify, qualified (to do something); quick to learn; prompt; expert; as, a pupil apt to learn; an apt scholar.
  • * (rfdate) Johnson
  • An apt wit.
  • * (rfdate) (William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • *:(Although I) live a thousand years, I shall not find myself so apt to die.
  • Synonyms

    (split by senses) * disposed, predisposed, inclined, liable, tending towards * appropriate, suitable, meet * fit, qualified * prompt, quick * ready * See also

    Derived terms

    () * aptly * aptness