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Alternative forms

* sceleton


  • (anatomy) The system that provides support to an organism, internal and made up of bones and cartilage in vertebrates, external in some other animals.
  • * 1883 , ,
  • At the foot of a pretty big pine, and involved in a green creeper, which had even partly lifted some of the smaller bones, a human skeleton lay, with a few shreds of clothing, on the ground.
  • A frame that provides support to a building or other construction.
  • (figuratively) A very thin person.
  • She lost so much weight while she was ill that she became a skeleton.
  • (From the sled used, which originally was a bare frame, like a skeleton.) A type of tobogganing in which competitors lie face down, and descend head first (compare luge). See
  • (computing) A client-helper procedure that communicates with a stub.
  • RMI Nomenclature: in RMI, the client helper is a 'stub' and the service helper is a 'skeleton'.
  • (geometry) The vertices and edges of a polyhedron, taken collectively.
  • An anthropomorphic representation of a skeleton. See
  • She dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween.
  • (figuratively) The central core of something that gives shape to the entire structure.
  • The skeleton of the organisation is essentially the same as it was ten years ago, but many new faces have come and gone.


    * (anatomy) ottomy (obsolete) * (type of tobogganing) skeleton tobogganing * (central core giving shape to something) backbone * (very thin person) See also


    * (computing) stub

    Derived terms

    * skeletal * skeletally

    See also

    * bone * luge


    (en verb)
  • (archaic) to reduce to a skeleton; to skin; to skeletonize
  • (archaic) to minimize
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