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As a proper noun annie

is also, a popular given name in the 19th century.

As a noun anna is


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Proper noun

  • . Also, a popular given name in the 19th century.
  • * William Douglas(?), :
  • Maxwelton braes are bonnie / Where early fa's the dew; / An' it's there that Annie Laurie / Gi'ed me her promise true.
  • * 1830 , Mary Russell Mitford, Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names :
  • I never thought of the most brilliant and elegant women in England quite so charming as she really is, till I heard her call her younger sister "Annie ". It seemed to remove at once the almost repellent quality which belongs to extreme polish, - gave a genial warmth to her brightness, became her like a smile. - - - If she had called her sister Anna-Maria according to the register, I should have admired, and feared, and shunned her to my dying day.
  • * 1947 , Hilda Lawrence, Death of a Doll , pages 39-40:
  • "I want you to stop calling yourself by that silly name, Annie'," Mrs. Marshall-Gill said clearly. "It's inappropriate and ridiculous and I don't like it. It may even be dishonest, I don't know. At any rate, you're to stop it at once. I looked up your registration, and your name is ' Annie , a solid, Christian name. You'll do well to abide by it."
    "I don't like Annie ," Jewel said.
    "It suits your face," Mrs. Marshall-Gill said. A titter ran around the listening room.


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    (en noun)
  • A unit of currency in former British India equal to 12 pies or 1/16 rupee.
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