Sanger vs Anger - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between sanger and anger

is that sanger is ), a tall bush with reddish branches while anger is remorse, regret.



Etymology 1

Diminutive of sandwich; corruption of the earlier diminutive sango. Australian from 1960s.


(en noun)
  • (Australia, informal, colloquial) A sandwich.
  • * 1996 , , 2006, page 140,
  • I popped the last of the strawberry sangers into my mouth, craned my neck over the bureaucrat?s gelati-hued shoulder and feasted my eyes.
  • * 2005 , R. T. Stone, The Journals: Into the Gulf , Book 2, page 459,
  • Allison did most of the talking telling Sara of her victory, of meeting Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova—who won the Family Circle Open—of rubbing the elbows with the Australian elite, and making sangers (sandwiches) for broken families in Brisbane.
  • * 2009 , Justine Vaisutis, Australia , Lonely Planet, page 94,
  • Eat' Rock oysters, rock lobsters, yabbies and prawns; also Turkish bread ‘' sangers ’ and Tim Tam shooters
  • * 2009 , Central Australia: Adelaide to Darwin , page 59,
  • Winning pub-grub at this enduring pub boozer: steak sangers , veggie lasagne, lamb-shank pie, king-prawn salad and blueberry pancakes.
    * sango (qualifier) * sarnie (qualifier)

    Etymology 2


    (en noun)
  • * 1895 , United States Cavalry Association, Journal of the United States Cavalry Association , Volume 8, page 223,
  • The enemy had a line of sangers' along the far edge of nullah right across the valley, with ' sangers at intervals up the steep mountains on either side into the snows, and occupied, as far as we could guess, by some 2,000 men.
  • * 1902 , Great Britain House of Commons, Sessional Papers , Volume 69, page 64,
  • At 4.30 a.m., under cover of a mist in the donga, the Boers made a very severe attack on the north and west of my position, the brunt of the attack fell on two sangers' held by the Durham Company of Artillery; the Boers broke through the wire and got to within 20 yards of those ' sangers , but they both gallantly held their own and I, with the aid of the Maxim, was able to repulse the attack.
  • * 1976 , Byron Farwell, The Great Boer War , page 93,
  • the Boer marksmen leaned over their sangers and fired on the helmeted heads below them.


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    (wikipedia anger)


  • A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something, usually combined with an urge to harm.
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-28, author=(Joris Luyendijk)
  • , volume=189, issue=3, page=21, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Our banks are out of control , passage=Seeing the British establishment struggle with the financial sector is like watching an alcoholic […].  Until 2008 there was denial over what finance had become. When a series of bank failures made this impossible, there was widespread anger , leading to the public humiliation of symbolic figures.}}
  • (obsolete) Pain or stinging.
  • * {{quote-book, 1660, , 3= Mensa mystica, page=322, year_published=1717
  • , passage=It heals the Wounds that Sin hath made; and takes away the Anger of the Sore;
  • * Temple
  • I made the experiment, setting the moxa where the greatest anger and soreness still continued.


    * (strong feeling of antagonism) * See also

    Derived terms

    () * angerful * angerless * angry * anger management * in anger


    (en verb)
  • To cause such a feeling of antagonism.
  • Don't anger me.
  • To become angry.
  • You anger too easily.


    * (to cause anger) enrage, infuriate; annoy, vex, grill, displease; aggravate, irritate * (to become angry) get angry (see angry for more)


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