Anode vs Anaphoresis - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between anode and anaphoresis

is that anode is anode while anaphoresis is (physics) the movement of electrically charged particles towards an anode.




(en noun)
  • (electricity) An electrode, of a cell or other electrically polarized device, through which a positive current of electricity flows outwards (and thus, electrons flow inwards). It usually, but not always, has a positive voltage.
  • (chemistry, by extension) The electrode at which chemical oxidation of anions takes place, usually resulting in the erosion of metal from the electrode.
  • (electronics) The electrode which collects electrons emitted by the cathode in a .
  • (electronics) That electrode of a semiconductor device which is connected to the p-type material of a p-n junction.
  • Coordinate terms

    * cathode

    Derived terms

    * anion * anodic




  • (physics) The movement of electrically charged particles towards an anode
  • (medicine) A reduction in the activity of the sweat glands