Alcoholic vs Lush - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between alcoholic and lush

is that alcoholic is a person addicted to alcohol while lush is (pejorative) drunkard, sot, alcoholic.

As adjectives the difference between alcoholic and lush

is that alcoholic is of or pertaining to alcohol while lush is (obsolete) lax; slack; limp; flexible.

As a verb lush is

to drink liquor to excess.




(en noun)
  • A person addicted to alcohol.
  • * - Alcoholic
  • Don't you know you've got your daddy's eyes
    Daddy was an alcoholic
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-28, author=(Joris Luyendijk)
  • , volume=189, issue=3, page=21, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Our banks are out of control , passage=Seeing the British establishment struggle with the financial sector is like watching an alcoholic who still resists the idea that something drastic needs to happen for him to turn his life around.}}
  • One who abuses alcohol.
  • Synonyms

    * dipsomaniac, drunkard


    * teetotaler, on the wagon

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    (en adjective)
  • Of or pertaining to alcohol.
  • Having more than a trace amount of alcohol in its contents.
  • He ordered an alcoholic beverage.
    The oysters were sour, and excessively alcoholic .
  • Of, pertaining to, or affected by alcoholism
  • Antonyms

    * nonalcoholic

    Derived terms

    * Alcoholics Anonymous ----



    (wikipedia lush)

    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) . Related to (m). More at (l), (l).


  • (obsolete) Lax; slack; limp; flexible.
  • (dialectal) Mellow; soft; (of ground or soil) easily turned.
  • (of vegetation) Dense, teeming with life.
  • * 2006 , Stefani Jackenthal, New York Times
  • Some of the world’s best rain forest and volcanic hiking can be found within the lush canopied Caribbean trail systems. Chock-full of waterfalls and hot springs, bright-colored birds and howling monkeys, flora-lined trails cut through thick, fragrant forests and up cloud-covered mountains.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-01
  • , author=Nancy Langston , title=The Fraught History of a Watery World , volume=101, issue=1, page=59 , magazine= citation , passage=European adventurers found themselves within a watery world, a tapestry of streams, channels, wetlands, lakes and lush riparian meadows enriched by floodwaters from the Mississippi River.}}
  • (slang, of food) Luxuriant, delicious.
  • That meal was lush ! We have to go that restaurant again sometime!
  • (British, slang) Beautiful, sexy.
  • Boys with long hair are lush !
  • (British, Canada, slang) Amazing, cool, fantastic, wicked.
  • Your voice is lush , Lucy! I could listen to it all day!

    Etymology 2

    Perhaps a humorous use of the preceding word, or perhaps from (etyl) .An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English (ISBN 0486122867)


  • (pejorative) Drunkard, sot, alcoholic.
  • Intoxicating liquor.
  • Verb

  • To drink liquor to excess.
  • To drink (liquor) to excess.
  • Derived terms
    * lushing * lusher



    * (l)