Fitful vs Agitated - What's the difference?

fitful | agitated |

As an adjective fitful

is irregular; unsteady; characterized by fits.

As a verb agitated is





(en adjective)
  • Irregular; unsteady; characterized by fits.
  • His breathing was fitful .
  • *1605 , Shakespeare, Macbeth ,
  • [...] Duncan is in his grave;
    After life's fitful fever he sleeps well;
  • *1851 ,
  • *:The cabin lamp—taking long swings this way and that— was burning fitfully, and casting fitful shadows upon the old man’s bolted door [...]
  • *2012 , The Economist, The economy: Don’t say “green shoots”
  • *:So fitful has Britain’s economy been that any good news is understandably snatched at.
  • Derived terms

    * fitfully * fitfulness




  • (agitate)

  • agitate


    (Webster 1913)


  • To move with a violent, irregular action; as, the wind agitates the sea; to agitate water in a vessel.
  • ``Winds . . . agitate the air.'' --Cowper.
  • (rare) To move or actuate.
  • :(Thomson)
  • To stir up; to disturb or excite; to perturb; as, he was greatly agitated.
  • The mind of man is agitated by various passions. --Johnson.
  • To discuss with great earnestness; to debate; as, a controversy hotly agitated.
  • :(Boyle)
  • To revolve in the mind, or view in all its aspects; to contrive busily; to devise; to plot; as, politicians agitate desperate designs.
  • Synonyms

    * move, shake, excite, rouse, disturb, distract, revolve, discuss, debate, canvass