Frightful vs Afraid - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between frightful and afraid

is that frightful is (obsolete): full of fright; affrighted; frightened while afraid is impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear.



(Webster 1913)

Alternative forms

* frightfull (archaic)


(en adjective)
  • (obsolete): Full of fright; affrighted; frightened.
  • *
  • Full of that which causes fright; exciting alarm; impressing terror; shocking; as, a frightful chasm, or tempest; a frightful appearance.
  • (Used as an intensifier)
  • We wasted a frightful amount of money on renovations.


    * terrible * dreadful * alarming * fearful * terrific * awful * horrid * horrible * shocking




    (en adjective)
  • Impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear.
  • He is afraid of death.
    He is afraid to die.
    He is afraid that he will die.
  • (colloquial) regretful, sorry
  • I am afraid I can not help you in this matter .

    Usage notes

    * (term) expresses a lesser degree of fear than (terrified) or (frightened). It is often followed by the preposition (term) and the object of fear, or by an infinitive, or by a dependent clause, as shown in the examples above.


    * (Impressed with fear or apprehension) afeared, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, fearful, timid, timorous * (Regretful) sorry * See also

    Derived terms

    * 'fraid * afraidness * I'm afraid not * I'm afraid so * unafraid

    See also

    * fear


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