Gang vs Affiliation - What's the difference?

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Gang is a related term of affiliation.

As nouns the difference between gang and affiliation

is that gang is a gang, a team, a group while affiliation is the relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another.



Etymology 1

From (etyl) gangen, from (etyl) . Ultimately: related to etym. 2, see below.


(en verb)
  • To go; walk; proceed.
  • Derived terms
    * (l) * (l) * (l) * * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l)

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) gang, from (etyl) . Cognate with Dutch gang, Icelandic gangur, Norwegian gang ("hallway"), Old Norse gangr (passage, hallway).


    (en noun)
  • A going, journey; a course, path, track.
  • * 1840 , Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Woodnotes I":
  • In unploughed Maine he sought the lumberers’ gang / Where from a hundred lakes young rivers sprang
  • * 1869 , Papa André , Once a Week, page 418/1:
  • That week was also called the Gang Week, from the Saxon'' ganger'', to go; and the Rogation days were termed the Gang Days.
  • * 1895 , Frederick Tupper Jr., Anglo-Saxon Dæg-Mæl , Modern Language Association of America, page 229:
  • Neither Marshall nor Bouterwek makes clear the connection existing between the Gang-days and the Major and Minor Litanies.
  • A number going in company; a number of friends or persons associated for a particular purpose.
  • the Gashouse Gang
    The gang from our office is going out for drinks Friday night.
  • A group of laborers under one foreman; a squad.
  • a gang''' of sailors; a railroad '''gang .
  • (US) A criminal group with a common cultural background and identifying features, often associated with a particular section of a city.
  • a youth gang'''; a neighborhood '''gang'''; motorcycle '''gang .
  • A group of criminals or alleged criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit, or a group of politicians united in furtherance of a political goal.
  • the Winter Hill gang'''; the '''Gang of Four.
    Not all members of the Gang of Six are consistent in their opposition to filibuster.
  • (US) A chain gang.
  • A combination of similar tools or implements arranged so as, by acting together, to save time or labor; a set.
  • a gang''' of saws; a '''gang of plows.
  • A set; all required for an outfit.
  • a new gang of stays.
  • (electrics) A number of switches or other electrical devices wired into one unit and covered by one faceplate.
  • an outlet gang''' box; a double '''gang switch.
  • (electrics) A group of wires attached as a bundle.
  • a gang of wires
    Do a drop for the telephone gang''', then another drop for the internet '''gang , both through the ceiling of the wiring closet.
  • (mining) The mineral substance which encloses a vein; a matrix; a gangue.
  • Derived terms
    * anti-gang * chain gang * gang bang * gang box * gang-buster * gangboard * gang-cask * gangdom * gangland * gangplank * gang rape * gangsman * gang switch * gangster * gang up * gang up on * gangway * ingang * outgang * street gang * umgang * upgang


    (en verb)
  • To band together as a group or gang.
  • "Let's gang up on them."

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    Etymology 3

    See (gan).




    (en noun)
  • The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another.
  • A club, society or umbrella organisation so formed, especially a trade union.