Facilitate vs Advocates - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between facilitate and advocates

is that facilitate is to make easy or easier while advocates is third-person singular of advocate.

As a noun advocates is

plural of lang=en.




  • To make easy or easier.
  • To help bring about
  • To preside over (a meeting, a seminar)
  • advocates



  • (advocate)
  • Noun


  • advocate



    (en noun)
  • Someone whose job is to speak for someone's case in a court of law; a counsel.
  • Anyone who argues the case of another; an intercessor.
  • * c. 1591 , (William Shakespeare), Richard III , First Folio 1623:
  • I neuer did incense his Maiestie / Against the Duke of Clarence, but haue bin / An earnest aduocate to plead for him.
  • A person who speaks in support of something.
  • * 2011 , Alix Lee, The Guardian , 9 Oct 2011:
  • He became a tireless advocate for the needs of adults with IMD throughout Britain and internationally.
  • A person who supports others to make their voices heard, or ideally for them to speak up for themselves.
  • ''Since she started working with her advocate , she has become much more confident.

    Derived terms

    * devil's advocate


  • (label) To plead in favour of; to defend by argument, before a tribunal or the public; to support, vindicate, or recommend publicly.
  • * (and other bibliographic particulars) Bishop Sanderson
  • * (and other bibliographic particulars) (Burke)
  • (label) To encourage support for something.
  • To engage in advocacy.
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