Adore vs Adoring - What's the difference?

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Adore is a related term of adoring.

As verbs the difference between adore and adoring

is that adore is to worship while adoring is .

As an adjective adoring is

showing adoration or admiration.

As a noun adoring is


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  • To worship.
  • *(Tobias Smollett) (1721–1771)
  • *:Bishops and priests,bearing the host, which he [James] publicly adored .
  • To love with one's entire heart and soul; regard with deep respect and affection.
  • :
  • * (1800-1859)
  • *:The great mass of the population abhorred Popery and adored Montouth.
  • To be very fond of.
  • *
  • *:"I ought to arise and go forth with timbrels and with dances; but, do you know, I am not inclined to revels? There has been a little—just a very little bit too much festivity so far …. Not that I don't adore dinners and gossip and dances; not that I do not love to pervade bright and glittering places."
  • (lb) To adorn.
  • *(Edmund Spenser) (c.1552–1599)
  • *:Like to the hore / Congealed drops, which do the morn adore .
  • Derived terms

    * adorant * adorative * adorer * adoringly


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  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Showing adoration or admiration.
  • Derived terms

    * adoringly


    (en noun)
  • adoration
  • * 1847 , Matthew Henry, James Hamilton, Daily communion with God
  • We must keep up a constant worship of God in our families, and in our closets; we must be frequent in holy adorings and admirings of God.