Maple vs Aced - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun maple

is .

As a verb aced is




(wikipedia maple) (Acer)


(en noun)
  • A tree of the Acer genus, characterised by its usually palmate leaves and winged seeds.
  • Derived terms

    * hard maple * Japanese maple * mapled * maple ham * maple leaf * maple syrup * maple sugar * maple tree * maplelike * Norway maple * red maple * rock maple * silver maple * sugar maple * tiger maple * vine maple

    Derived terms

    * maple syrup * maple sugar


    * (l)





  • (ace)
  • Anagrams




    Etymology 1

    (etyl) as'', from (etyl) ''as'', from (etyl) ''as'', ''assis , unity, copper coin, the unit of coinage. Compare as


    (en noun)
  • A single point or spot on a playing card or die.
  • A card or die face so marked.
  • I have the ace of diamonds.
  • A very small quantity or degree; a particle; an atom; a jot.
  • * (rfdate)
  • I'll not wag an ace further.
  • * c. 1658 Dr. Henry More, Government of the Tongue :
  • He will not bate an ace of absolute certainty.
  • (tennis) A serve won without the opponent hitting the ball.
  • (US) (baseball) The best pitcher on the team.
  • (US) A run.
  • (US) (golf) A hole in one.
  • An expert at something.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2011
  • , date=September 29 , author=Jon Smith , title=Tottenham 3 - 1 Shamrock Rovers , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=Mexican ace Dos Santos smashed home the third five minutes later after good work from Defoe.}}
  • A military aircraft pilot who is credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft.
  • (US) A perfect score on a school exam.
  • Usage notes
    * Used as an exclamation to mean excellent. But see (ace) (adjective) . Also in plural: aces.
    * (single point or spot) pip
    Coordinate terms
    Derived terms
    * ace in the hole * ace of aces * ace up one's sleeve * aces and eights * air ace * bate an ace (see bate) * be aces with * easy aces * flying ace * fighter ace * jet ace * panzer ace * return ace * submarine ace / ace of the deep * tank ace / tanker ace * U-boat ace * within an ace of


  • (US) To pass (a test, interviews etc.) perfectly.
  • (tennis) To win a point by an ace.
  • (golf) To make an ace (hole in one).
  • Synonyms
    * (to pass a test) pass with flying colours
    Derived terms
    * ace it * ace out


    (en adjective)
  • (UK, slang) Excellent.
  • Usage notes
    * Used as exclamation. Also see (noun) above and aces.
    * excellent * first-rate * outstanding

    Etymology 2

    From (asexual) by shortening.


    (en adjective)
  • (slang) Asexual.
  • * 2009 , Anneli Rufus, " Asexuals at the Pride Parade", Psychology Today , 22 June 2009:
  • "Some people who identify as ace fall under the GLBT umbrella while many others do not. Members of the queer movement have reached out to asexuals to include them in their community. The acronym for this has now become GLBTQA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and asexual)."
  • * 2010 , Amy Ebersole, " Asexuality, not to be confused with celibacy", The Daily Aztec (San Diego State University), 25 January 2010:
  • “I was 14 when I first realized I had no interest in sex,” Jed Strohm, a happily satisfied, romantic asexual from upstate New York, said. “I identified as ace (asexual) and the group leader said I was too attractive.”
  • * 2013 , Andrea Garcia-Vargas, " Ourselves, our sex, our choices", The Eye , 28 March 2013:
  • “If you identify as ace [asexual] and you just don’t feel like having sex, then for me, sex-positive means, ‘That’s great! It’s fantastic you don’t want to have sex!’” says McGown.
  • *
  • Synonyms
    * asexy (slang)
    Derived terms
    * acephobia


    (en noun)
  • (slang) A person who identifies as asexual.
  • * 2012 , Tasmin Prichard, " Freedom from Desire: Some Notes on Asexuality", Salient (Victoria University of Wellington), 23 July 2012, page 20:
  • Asexuals are programmed differently, like anybody else on the LGBTQXYZ spectrum, but difference is cool! Difference is perhaps the best part of being queer. Own it, aces !
  • * 2013 , Leigh Miller, " (A)Sexual Healing", Jerk (Syracuse University), Volume XII, Issue V, April 2013, page 23:
  • Negativity toward asexuality can make emerging aces fear that something is wrong with them.
  • * 2014 , Emma Ianni, " New Group to Bring Awareness Of C. U. Asexual Community", The Cornell Daily Sun (Cornell University), Volume 130, Number 81, 4 February 2014, page 1:
  • G. F. said she came up with the idea of creating an asexual group last semester, when she was struggling with the way being an ace was affecting her personal life.
  • *