Awol vs Abscond - What's the difference?

awol | abscond |

As an initialism awol

is .

As a verb abscond is

(intransitive|reflexive|archaic) to hide, to be in hiding or concealment.



Alternative forms

* awol * *


  • (military, and, generic) Absent without leave (permission).
  • The Army had a lot of AWOL soldiers.


    (en noun)
  • (military) Absence without proper authority from the properly appointed place of duty, or from unit, organization, or other place of duty at which one is required to be at the time prescribed.
  • (military) A person who holds AWOL status.
  • (generic) Somebody who is absent without permission.
  • (figuratively) Someone or something missing.
  • See also

    * UA – Unauthorized Absence






    (en verb)
  • (intransitive, reflexive, archaic) To hide, to be in hiding or concealment.
  • * 1691-1735 , (John Ray), The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation []
  • the Marmotto , live upon its own Fat.
  • (reflexive) To flee, often secretly; to steal away, particularly to avoid arrest or prosecution.
  • * 1848 , (Thomas Babington Macaulay), , Ch. 13
  • ... that very homesickness which, in regular armies, drives so many recruits to abscond at the risk of stripes and of death.
  • * 1911 , (Ambrose Bierce), (w, The Devil's Dictionary)
  • Spring beckons! All things to the call respond;
    The trees are leaving and cashiers abscond .
  • To withdraw from.
  • * 2006 , Richard Rojcewicz, The Gods And Technology: A Reading Of Heidegger , ISBN 0791482308.
  • Modern technology accompanies the absconding of the original attitude.
  • * 2009 , Sonia Brill, Relationships Without Anger , ISBN 144902789X.
  • You cannot abscond from the responsibility both you and your partner owe to this event, and that includes dealing with anger issues and any other emotional issues that come with it.
  • (obsolete) To conceal; to take away.
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  • *
  • (label) To evade, to hide or flee from.
  • The captain absconded his responsibility
  • * 2006 , Aldo E. Chircop, Olof Lindén, Places of Refuge for Ships , ISBN 900414952X.
  • If the distress situation is solved succesfully, the anonymous shipowner will reap the commercial benefit, if the situation ends in disaster, the shipowner will hide behind an anonymous post box in a foreign country and will abscond responsibility.
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